Whatever you celebrate, it’s bearing down on us like a train and we can’t get out of the way—even if we want to. Fall has fallen upon us and it’s time to get busy oozing kindness and loving our fellow humans. (Also cats, dogs, hamsters, etc.)

But who knows, you might be one who embraces the cooking, the shopping, the wrapping, the family, the lack of sleep and the noise. I certainly am, because with all that stuff also come the delicious meals, the joy of finding the right present, the happy company, the knowledge that you’re a necessary cog in the wheel, and, let’s face it-I’m human-the gossip.

Diwali, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, Thanksgiving, and all the others I haven’t mentioned… each one is a wonderful chance to think about the things that matter most to you. The past year plus has been a hard one, full of sickness and death in all too many cases. I don’t know about you, but I flinch at the thought of more loss.

I’m going to spend the holiday season cherishing the families and friends and traditions we have. How about you?


Available now:  Revenge by Ruby, book #3 in the Emma Goldsmith Mysteries Series

Emma gives a lecture on rubies to a very socially elite ladies’ club, complete with antique jewels, stories of murder and mayhem, pulse-pounding music, and three gorgeous men as her helpers. It’s such a huge success that she ends up the target of a member of the audience, a crazed woman who loves rubies more than her life. When the woman is murdered, Emma is both a suspect and the target of the killer.

A bereaved husband, fake rubies, false friends, smear campaigns— It’s up to Emma to figure out what’s going on. Thank goodness she’s getting help from her three gorgeous men.


In Progress: Poison by Pearl, book #4  in the Emma Goldsmith Mysteries Series

Every day is like a pearl in a necklace… until the day you die.

Emma Goldsmith was perfectly happy building her life’s work around beautiful gems… until her boss buys the largest pearl-importing business in the country and offers her the chance to manage it.

But there’s a reason pearls were the symbol for tears in a previous century.

A glass of pearl tea spells death for her assistant. And the business that was going to make her career? Who knew it came with a few extras—like pearls that hold spyware for an international terrorist organization.

Now Emma is not only a murder suspect, but she also needs to figure out who put her in the crosshairs before she becomes Interpol’s flavor of the month.

Coming February 16, 2022