The State of Things in General

Alas, when all the excitement in your life occurs on the computer screen, there’s not a lot to report. One learns to get excited by small pleasures, little events and observations that aren’t going to make headlines, but that sure do make life better.

This is a picture taken in Wildwood Park, a lovely little oasis in the midst of the urban expanse of the Bay Area. The trees were loaded with red-headed woodpeckers a couple of weeks ago but I had forgotten my phone.  Just imagine them for now…I’ll try again later.

Doing our best to stay healthy. I had An Adventure a couple days ago—a trip to the doctor’s office for my annual flu shot. Wowee, I sure know how to have fun! That was the regular flu. Still waiting for Moderna to get it in gear and provide Covid boosters.

Whatever your stance on vaxxing, stay healthy, stay safe. And keep reading!

Who is Emma?

Emma Goldsmith, G. G. That stands for Graduate Gemologist. Emma successfully completed the course of study at the Gemological Society of America to earn those two precious letters after her name. She’s landed her dream job as head gemologist and manager of the colored gemstone branch of a large, very successful gem importing company.

Emma is a nice person. Emma works hard. Emma is scrupulously honest. All this makes Emma sound like a cross between a golden retriever and a Girl Scout.

Not true!

When she’s not inundated with diamonds and sapphires, rubies, emeralds, pearls, and showers of semiprecious stones, Emma has to deal with two of the most gorgeous men on the planet, family secrets, bffs with problems, revenge, murder… and a rescue cat that loves to play with loose gemstones.

Come meet Emma!


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